oh 2020,

where is this

journey going?

in these crazy times, we let each other know that we’re all having ups and downs. while we’re all treading our individual paths, traveling at our own pace, we are interconnected through the personal crossroads and milestones we share. 


the 'faces of the phases' campaign celebrates the empowering union of individuality and togetherness that women experience as they navigate their unique routes.


It's a user-generated interactive diary, documenting different phases in women’s lives.


tell us your story in our easy typeform and be one of

the faces of the phases. Together, we’re closing the cycle. 

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Oh 2020,

where is this

journey going?

so, how’s life?

we’re forced to rethink our values and goalsthese days.

We’re giving new meaning to “How are you?”.


we’re all #facesofthephases. with this campaign we're sharing our stories to show that we're all in this together and  each one of us is the face of a unique phase.


tell us your story and be one of

the faces of the phases. 

Together, we’re closing the cycle.

“Don't fight your feelings! Stay cool and allow yourself to approach problems from different perspectives. Think positive, be your own pathfinder, listen to your inner voice. You’ve got it in you! ” 



enjoy the journey,

embrace the phases.

When was the last time, someone asked you “How are you?”

And you told them how you really are?

Especially in this time, we’re forced to rethink our values and goals with so many people in different phases of their personal life.

With this campaign we’re sharing our stories to push real life connections and to show everyone, that we’re all in this together!


Each one of us is the face of a unique phase.

We’re giving new meaning to “How are you?” and create a gallery full of fierce women talking about their phases.

how it works

tell us about your phase by filling out our easy & fun typeform

submit either just text or add a picture/illustration/ artwork from you to receive your personal ‘faces of the phases’ set consisting of cool instagram graphics, a personal note and a voucher code via mail.

i'm the face of my phase

share your visual online, nominate friends or get shared on our WOMOM instagram channel as a ‘face of a phase’ with all the other stories that are submitted.

be one of our

#facesofthephases with

many more fierce women.


it's worth 

the highs

and the


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